Why Christmas?

To be honest, Christmas isn’t my most favorite holiday. Easter is. But the reality I am reminded of each Christmas is that Easter has no meaning, no true significance, if Christmas never happened.

If Jesus never left His throne in Heaven, born of a virgin, took on flesh as fully God and fully man, He would not have faced the false accusations, the beatings and spitting, the crucifixion.

It’s because of Christmas that as a follower of Jesus I can celebrate Easter.

This year as you gather with family and friends, watch the kids open presents, remember what we are really celebrating at Christmas.

Jesus, leaving heaven. Jesus, taking on flesh like you and me. Jesus, His birth. God’s gift of grace to a hurting, broken world in need of redemption.

Make sure you take time today to reflect on the gift we received, and celebrate how that gift changed eternity.

Celebrate Jesus.

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