The story of Abraham in Genesis 12 hit me differently today. While finishing my preparations for Life Group tonight I was reading the story of God calling Abraham to leave everything he had known to go somewhere he didn’t know. Talk about a blind faith, Abraham was 75 years old and had what would have been considered a pretty comfy life. He had a lot of possessions and was established, and here God is telling him it’s time to pack it all up and start walking with no indication of where or what was ahead of him!

And he does.

Abraham packs up all his belongings, gets his wife, his nephew Lot, servants, livestock, all of it. And this is the part that struck me. No one hesitated to go with Abraham. Abraham’s faith in God inspired others around him to step forward in faith with him.

That’s powerful. They had no idea what was in store, just like Abraham. Yet they were willing to leave behind their comfort and trust that God had something better in store. It’s interesting to me how Abrahams faith lead him to be obedient to God’s call in his life. And out of that obedience came blessing not only for Abraham, but for his family for generations to come.

Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, “To your offspring I will give this land.” So he built there an altar to the Lord, who had appeared to him.

Genesis 12:7

Abraham’s obedience opened the door of God’s blessing in the present and the future. His faith in God’s provision inspired those with him to take steps of their own in faith. Abraham’s obedience to the Lord not only brought blessing to him and his family, but that of others like his nephew Lot.

The reality is we all have people around us whose lives we make an impact in. Some even look to us specifically for guidance, counsel, trusting we will help guide them in the right direction. Have you ever though about the impact your obedience to God has on the lives of those around you?

There are people you may not even know who seeing your steps of faith in obedience to God, will be inspired to take steps of their own. I’m sure it could have been easy for Lot to step back and allow doubts and questions about the situation at hand keep him from moving out of his comfort zone. But I can’t help think there was something about Abraham’s faith that inspired Lot. Abraham’s confidence in God’s provision inspired Lot to step forward himself.

But what if Abraham had been disobedient to God’s call? What if instead of stepping forward in faith, he hesitated and just stayed in his father’s house?

We often think if we mess up, it just effects us. But that’s just a lie we tell ourselves to lessen the blow. Truth is, disobedience in our personal lives can have lasting effects on those around us and beyond. If Abraham had stayed home, he wouldn’t have experienced Genesis 12:7. The blessing of the Promise Land would not have been experienced because comfortability in the moment would have been more important.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss out on the blessing God has for me. But to receive that blessing, I have to first walk in obedience. I have to but my faith to work, get out of my comfort zone, and trust God will provide even when I can’t see or don’t understand. My obedience may also just be the catalyst God uses for someone else stepping out of their comfort zone, putting their faith into action for the first time.

That’s pretty cool to think about if you ask me!

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