Playing House

As I was at work Saturday night, thinking about my message for the morning I realized something.

While this series is about getting back to the basics of being a follower of Christ, my message is centered on rightfully placing Jesus as the first priority in our life.

Not tomorrow, but now.

The problem we often have is being really really good at finding other things to put before Him. And to make it worse, we are really good at finding excuses to justify and convince us what we are doing is ok.

And boom, that’s when it hit me.

See, we often approach our relationship with Jesus like culture teaches us (wrongly) to approach relationships.

We think it’s ok to play house.

We invite Jesus into our place, we LOVE all the benefits we get from having Him with us, the feelings and security. But we keep a level of autonomy, separation. It’s convenient after all. Let’s be together, I’ll exploit the benefits of a relationship, but I’m only going to let you into the business I want you in.

There is a level of commitment we are unwilling to make.

We want to play house, instead of build a home.

Jesus wants more. He expects more.

He demands more.

And why shouldn’t He? He did after all take my place on a cross. He was humiliated, beaten to a pulp, paraded through the streets, all to hang on a cross and die a criminals death.

He did that for me, because He loves me.

I married my wife not just because I love her, but she loves me just as much. And love is beautifully expressed through commitment.

Jesus longs to be an intricate part of our lives, as we grow and pursue Him more. That begins with a commitment to Him. It deeps and widens by rightly placing Him first in our life.

Not tomorrow; today.

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