Knowing where you come from, your past, is important.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have developed a love for genealogical research over the years. There is satisfaction and happiness I get from successfully learning and tracing my ancestral roots as far back as I possibly can.

With the revelation of my interest and fascination often comes the question why. Why do I invest the time, the money, at times my emotions (as it can be frustrating!)?

Why is this venture so important?

While I can give a list of reasons, they are generally summed up in this one belief I hold.

Knowing where you come from, your past, is important.

Ancient Jews knew this as well, and it’s importance is made clear with regards to Jesus. In Scripture we find two thorough genealogical accounts for Jesus; Matthew 1:1-17, and Luke 3:23-38. One traces Jesus’ lineage to Abraham, while the other goes all the way to Adam and God. If you examine the two more closely, you will notice differences where they split and rejoin. Both however draw a clear line to the royal Davidic Throne. In other words, when Jesus is identified as and claims to be King of the Jews, it was one based in genealogical fact. Jesus was an actual legal heir to the royal throne of King David.

But there is more to His lineage than His tie to David that I believe has great significance for us today.

Many of the people contained within Jesus’ lineage had lives and past that were less than holy. Perez was the son of Tamar, who tricked her father-in-law Judah to sleep with her as a prostitute, after his first two sons died and he refused to marry his last to her (which was the law). King Solomon was the son of King David through an adulterous relationship that included murder and blatant disregard for kingly duties. Rahab, the mother of Boaz was a prostitute. Ruth was a foreigner from Moab.

Many of the people used by God to fill the lineage of Jesus had issues. In all reality, they were people like you and me.

Broken, sinful, in need of redemption.

But God used them anyway. Despite their messes and mistakes, God used them to bring about His perfect plan for us. He used broken people to bring ultimate healing and restoration through Jesus.

Don’t let your brokenness be a hindrance. Don’t let it be a crutch or an excuse. God can use you despite the mess in your life, but He desires to see you grow and change into the likeness of His Son too.

If God could bring Salvation through the messes of Jesus’ family, don’t you think He can do something in you, through you, despite your mess? God isn’t looking for perfection, He desires obedience.

It’s time for you to stop letting your past or current mistakes hold you back from being obedient. In a season of celebration of Jesus being born on earth, to die for you and me on the cross, there is no better time to commit to obedience.

What’s that look like? Let me know you are taking that step, and let’s talk!

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