You Are Enough

I know a lot of people who don’t feel adequate.

They have given a lot.

They have loved a lot.

And it becomes easy to feel they have not done enough. Or what they have done, isn’t appreciated.

We easily fall into a trap of placing our worth in the thoughts, feelings, and expressions of others. And it often becomes more prominent this time of year.

Be reminded, your worth is not based on what you give, or how much. Your adequacy is not dependent on the thoughts and feelings of other people.

Your worth is grounded in who Christ is.

And I can assure you He thinks you are adequate.

So much that, He left His throne; He believed you and I were worth becoming flesh, and dying on a cross in our place.

This is who gives us our worth. This is who says you are enough.

Find peace this Christmas, that you are enough because of Christ. He has always loved you.

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