Potential: Striving to be the Dad God calls me to be

Father’s Day is here, and among the busyness I find myself convicted and challenged. Convicted that I’ve allowed laziness to influence my role of Dad in my family, a lot more than I want to admit. Challenged to be a better Dad to my children than what I had.

How I model being Dad will forever impact my children. My son will one day be a Dad to his children in a way shaped by me. My daughters will one day look for a man that will be a Dad in a way they envision for their children, shaped by how I was Dad for them.

How I fulfill my calling to be Dad in their lives today directly affects their understanding of what a Dad is in their future family. Being Dad is more than providing. It’s more than protecting.

Being Dad means I take time to play and show them affection. It means I take time to invest in them, teach them, discipline them, encourage them. I make time to be intentionally present, whether that’s a late night conversation when I tuck them into bed or sitting and cheering them on at their game.

Being Dad means you get the good and bad days; you don’t get to check-out! If you’re divorced, separated, and your children are not physically present all the time like me, you don’t get a “pass”. You are still responsible for being Dad.

Sure, it might be a little tougher. The challenges may be different from other Dads. Hard isn’t an excuse. Let me say it again for every dad, in every situation.

Hard isn’t an excuse.

If God blessed you with a child, He has called you to be a Dad. He has called you to lead and influence the life He entrusted you with.

I want my son to desire being a Dad to his children the way I am to him, because I modeled for him what a Godly Dad looks like.

I want my daughters to find a husband who will be the Dad to their children the way I am to them, because I modeled for them what a Godly Dad looks like.

This Father’s Day my prayer is simple. As Dads we honestly answer the question, am I striving to live up to my potential as a Godly Dad? Or have I checked-out of the calling God has given me, in pursuit of my own wants and desires? Studies consistently demonstrate the importance of a Dad’s role in the lives of their children. It shouldn’t surprise us, God designed it that way for a reason.

Dads, let’s make this Father’s Day a turning point in our lives, our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s lives. You and I have the potential to radically change the trajectory of our family for generations.

Let’s strive to live up to the potential God calls us to as a Godly Dad!

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