Just To Get To Me

I’ve listened to this song before I don’t know how many times. But today it hits different. It literally makes my spirit ache, in a good way. Maybe it’s my focus lately on God’s Grace.

This series I’ve been preaching about God’s Grace has opened my eyes to a fresh perspective on how good He really is. I’ve been refreshed in my understanding of who I was apart from Jesus, and that it was because of God’s Grace that Jesus took my place on the cross.

Talk about love! God wanted me restored you Him so much He made a way only Jesus could fulfill. There is nothing that can beat that. Nothing that can replace it.

Grace, getting what I don’t deserve because of love.

It cultivates in me gratitude. Thankfulness that I was worth it. I was worth dying for.

I encourage you to carve out some time and worship through this song. Listen to the lyrics, sing them to King Jesus in gratitude for what He did for you. Leave it all at His cross…

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