Serve like Jesus

What it means to follow Jesus can become a lengthy answer. Trying to hit all the different ways and attributes that could signify someone follows Jesus can be a task in and of itself.

There is one thing though, that is blatantly clear. Something that Jesus modeled with His own life consistently.

Jesus served.

Service of others was central to Who Jesus was. Serving others was central to His mission of redemption. Service was such an integral part of Who He is and What He is about, it led Him to the cross.

When was the last time serving someone cost you?

Is serving others a part of who you are? Do you meet the opportunity to serve others with frustration or grace?

No matter what Jesus was facing in the moment, He met opportunities to serve others with grace. When He could have turned them away, He drew them near. He taught them, fed them, challenged them.

Let’s serve like Jesus.

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