Time Changes

There was a time she didn’t touch both ends of the couch. She would fall asleep snuggled up with me, even though she adamantly said I wasn’t her dad.

Things have changed over the three years I’ve been a part of her life.

She now says “I love you” back to me. She calls me “dad” when referring to me with her friends, even when she knows I can hear her. She gives me a hug each day when I leave for work. She tries to stay awake till I get home if I am out late working.

My story isn’t smooth, and having this amazing little girl be part of it was never on my radar. God opened doors out of a messy situation I never imagined.

He provided what I needed, when I needed it. And in doing so, allowed me to be the needed provision in the life of her and her mom.

I now have a family that while is blended and sometimes messy, is complete. And I have a daughter, who I never imagined but am beyond grateful to have in my life.

Regardless of her feet being in my face as we are stretched out on the couch, or her pre-teen attitude when I give her chores, I’m blessed. Blessed to be “dad” in her life, just as much as I am for her brother and sister. I embrace my role and the opportunity God has granted me in her life.

And while I miss the beginning, when she was little and not as moody, I’m excited for the future. To see her grow and mature into a young woman who, I hope and pray, has as deep of a desire and passion for knowing Jesus as her mom and I do.

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