Three C’s of Conflict


Three words that in any conflict you face, need to surface at some point. And at the same time, can be difficult to embody. They don’t always mix well, and at times can be at odds with each other. That creates conflict within.

I have wrestled with these three words more in the last three years than ever before. And there have been many times my emotions have gotten the best of me, and I have had to take several steps back and correct my course.

One thing I am sure of, is that no matter how tough the battle ahead might be, these three words are ones I must strive to embody. If not for the ones around me who see and are impacted by my decisions, but for the claim I take as a follower of Christ.

I have many more years ahead where this challenge will present itself. And I know you have challenges in your life as well.

Show courage.
Heed conviction.
Practice compassion.

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