Why a blog? Why this blog? There are plenty out there already, right?

Writing has been something of therapeutic benefit for many, including myself. More than that, it is a form that allows me to process at a deeper level the thoughts and wrestling concerning my faith that take place within and between my head and heart. Writing becomes an expression of the thoughts, beliefs, and concerns that lie deep within us.

My short live has brought me through many valleys, and thankfully many mountain tops as well. Along the way I have learned a lot about myself; my flaws, my strengths, what gets under my skin and what inspires me. And through this journey of writing, my story will come forward. The past, as messy as it can be for all of us, can be a testimony for God. Despite what we might think of it, for someone else it might be the encouragement, guidance, even caution that they need at the right time.

So why? Because there are things that need to be said. There are people who need encouraged, reminded of who they are meant to be. Something better than they are today. My story, your story, might be the spark God uses to keep someone going.

Finding Jesus more each day is more than a tag line for me. It’s a desire deep within me that drives my thoughts and actions. My hope, is that becomes more and more clear through this process. And together, we find Jesus more each day in our life.

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