About Me

Luke Wagner has been writing in some fashion since his early years in college. Beginning with the discipline of journaling, he quickly grew to find the therapeutic and spiritual benefit of journaling his thoughts, feelings, and fears to God with pen and paper. As time progressed he began experimenting with online blogging, primarily used as a way to work through his course topics through Bible School.

A graduate of Liberty University, Luke holds a Bachelors of Science in Religion, Specializing in Biblical and Theological Studies. Luke is currently a bi-vocational Pastor with The Anchor Church located in Lawrence, KS. He serves as the Next Steps Pastor, focusing on helping others develop their faith in Jesus at a deeper level. He is married to his wife Holly, and now has three children from 11 to newborn!

Life stays busy, but Luke always finds time to dig a little deeper in his own faith. He hopes that this place will serve as an extension of the ministry he has been entrusted with in his local Church, and that others will find inspiration to dig a little deeper in their Faith with Jesus too.

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