It’s Wednesday of Holy Week, and I have to ask. What have you been doing?

Really, what have you been doing?

More specifically, what have you been doing because of the significance of this week? The most profound and universe changing event is about to be celebrated in a few days.

What are you doing in light of that?

How are you preparing your heart and mind to celebrate? It’s really easy right now to check out, for most of us we are stuck at home or restricted in some fashion with where we can go and what we can do.

We have to be intentional with our spiritual health, especially in these times. So, what are you doing?

Personally I make time for worship. I have my play list of songs that have personal significance with respect to worship. Some take me back to times in college of deep struggle. Wrestling with depression, lost and broken relationships. Times where I was on my face in my dorm, worshipping because that’s all I could do. Songs that remind me of my need for rescue, something I can’t do myself.

I get alone and I worship. I make a point to spend this time with God and worship Him for who He is. To meditate on what Jesus did for me.

I want to invite you to do the same. To be intentional and worship. I’m including some of the songs from my list to hopefully inspire you. Just don’t stop here.

Be intentional. Worship Jesus.

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